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In the field of pure potentiality, grow just the right seeds.  

Online, streaming and in-person practices to inspire your day and empower your life.  

in·tu·i·tive ART EXPERIENCE

create + meditate + cultivate

In this offering, we use the beautiful power meditation and art to go beyond our personal boundaries and limitations to experience true, pure potentiality.  We’ll play with fluidity and spontaneity while getting into a meditative and relaxing space cultivating new creative thoughts and very personal art.  Each offering has a different intention. No two are ever the same. 

Perfect for beginners who have never played with art.  

Home Office Yoga

free 20 minute practice

As a shout out to all of you who frantically set up your home office or classroom, I am offering this free, 20-minute practice. A short, midday, feel good, 20-minute practice that will leave you tension-free and energized, making it easier for you to focus on work. 

Suitable for all levels. No mat needed practice is done in a chair.

An Online Experience. Wednesdays at Noon CT

Drift into Stillness

sound healing + authentic yoga nidra

Drift off into a state of pure relaxation and ultimate awareness as you tap into another realm of consciousness. Experience Authentic Yoga Nidra and the healing sounds of a Crystal and Tibetan Healing Bowls for calming and centering. Retire with incredible calmness, quietness, and clarity. Suitable for all levels. Dress comfortably. Props needed: a comfortable place to lay down.

An Online Only Experience. Sundays at 7pm CT 

The Guru is in You

lessons in truth

Inhale fully and exhale completely as we explore life lessons, intention-based living, and plant the seeds to create a journey toward inner balance, self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment. Currently only offered as an online experience.

Online Offering Schedule

class times are listed as Central Time.

please adjust to your home schedule. 

My online classes are free or a special rate of just $16 or a monthly unlimited rate of $38 with the ability to cancel at any time. If you are planning to take more than two of my classes or any class on the Yoga 360 schedule, your best value is our the

Together at Home Unlimited Membership.  If you are experiencing hardship, please connect for a discount code. 

Although you are welcome to connect over your phone, I recommend using a laptop, computer or iPad to better engage.