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Dancing in the Field of Pure Potentiality

With so many choices, what should you choose?

My teacher Deepak Chopra explains that pure potentiality is both infinite possibility and underlies all creativity. And that is exactly the space I have been living in lately. I ask myself, “Of all the possibilities, what do I want?” Then I listen, calling it my dance in the field of pure potentiality. I am still meditating on these questions and these possibilities, but things are getting clearer. I’m starting to plant just the right seeds – thanks, in part, to you.

The wisdom of Ayurveda, the sister science of yogic philosophy, teaches us that everything we encounter through our five senses affects our physiology. Your body responds first so you are able to immediately connect to the Yum or the Yuck of the opportunity. It’s a feeling that comes from inside, much like a gut feeling. This means any thought that is currently dancing through your mind is leading you towards one of two paths: Yum or Yuck. Following the Yum leads you closer to your truth, your purpose or your dharma, your true joy and happiness. Following the Yuck takes you….well further away from that.

Knowing the difference between what feels like Yum and what feels comfortable was the key to me moving down my right path. What is comfortable may be Yum in disguise because it is familiar. It has a sense of knowing and contentment. I have realized that type of Yum does not bring me growth. It keeps me stagnant. It’s uninspiring. As I walk down the path of Yum, I have learned to also ask myself, “Do I grow from this?” As I enter a new phase in my life, I am leaning more and more into the Yum… and turning more and more away from what is comfortable.

If an opportunity feels like Yum, but doesn’t offer me an opportunity to grow, it could just be comfortable. Therefore I chuck that kind of Yum into a “been there, done that” pile and I simply, and rather quickly, move on.

As it relates to my teaching, here is where my Yum path has led me over the last year:

· Learn something new

· See what resonates with people

· Spend less time in the studio

· Reach more people where they are

All of these gave me the “real” Yum.

From there, I began to plant the following seeds:

· Hone my vision

· Take little bets to see what I enjoy and if that is resonating with others

· Learn new online platforms to reach a broader number of people and connect with them whenever and wherever they are

· Offer a few in-person workshops and/or retreats

· Collaborate with others to offer the teachings to new people

And finally, those seeds are beginning to sprout in the form of:

· New experiential communications

· Newly designed website

· Online courses

· Storytelling podcast

· Free monthly meditations

· Seasonal in-person workshops and/or retreats

Ready for your own dance? Here are my Big 3 for you to try as you tap into the field of pure potentiality:

1. Feel the Yum and abandon the Yuck

2. Ask yourself, “Do I want this or is this just comfortable?”

3. Take little bets by trying little things that lead you closer to your Yum.

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