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At the End of the Road

But almost overnight, there was a shift. Some businesses closed, lines of cars began driving out of town, and almost no one is walking the streets. This all comes with the intention of slowing down the spread of the virus to avoid overburdening the health care system. I honor this necessity, but this is all very uncomfortable for me.

This is my first winter here and living in a town such as this brings solitude for a suburban girl like me finding peace with the abundance of nature. But it’s all eerily different now. The weather is dark, cloudy, snowy and somber. There is a feeling of isolation and confusion. It’s hard to sleep and to focus.

The answers are few and far between. But today I am reaching for what brings me comfort and that is the teachings. I am remembering this is a Collective Experience and I am holding space for the fact that I am not alone in this. I am creating an altar or sacred space, as a way to reinforce my intentions and invite more peace, serenity, and self-love. I am listening for guidance to inspire and encourage those around me. I am painting. I am writing and recording audio meditations. I am cleansing and smudging. I am cooking. I am quilting. I am moving. I am lighting a candle and I am staring over it. I am doing the best I can.

I have come to recognize, over years of practice, I only need one moment to bring me to the here and now. That one moment finds me space between the thoughts. In that one moment there is peace, serenity, and self-love for me and the world around me. That’s all I really need… one moment.

If you are feeling isolated or confused, if you can’t seem to focus or sleep, remember, this is a collective experience. Find your moment, reach out, stay connected, be patient, we are all going through this together. One moment at a time. ✌🏻

Let's Connect.

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