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The Muse Within

move + meditate + create + cultivate

a 7-week journey toward inner balance, acceptance, and empowerment.

Inspiration comes in waves; it ebbs and flows. For most, we look for inspiration as an outer source. We feel inspired by other people, nature, stories, music, experiences, and so on. However, the most important source of inspiration comes from within, and with the right tools, you can tap into your own personified force source anytime. 

You are invited to get to know The Muse Within.


Join me in a very special 7-week virtual series, where we will meet via Zoom to open up to new possibilities and new perspectives. Through movement + breath + meditation + art + journaling, you’ll learn how to balance yourself to transform energy and unblock obstacles in your life. Free yourself from past challenges, open up to new possibilities, and get “unstuck” by connecting to your own inner muse.


Each session we will:

  • Practice a ritual of seven simple movements designed to specifically
    awaken your inner muse.

  • Create art in preparation for the week’s reflections.

  • Work with a weekly intention designed to bring creative thought and balance to our physical, emotional, and energetic life.

  • Meditate to open ourselves up to transformation.

  • Journal and doodle what inspires us.

  • Circle share to organically participate in a community of strong women.


Throughout the week you will:

  • Follow along with my video ritual of the seven simple movements to
    open up your body and inspire your mind.

  • Create and use your customized art journal to reflect and cultivate new ideas.

  • Follow an easy, awakening Morning Ritual and quieting Evening Ritual
    to further bring you into balance.

  • Practice the week’s meditation that I have written and recorded.

  • Listen and be inspired by my ‘Muse Within’ playlist.

  • Receive weekly BONUS Surprises to keep you on your path.


What you will need:

Watercolors, paintbrush, watercolor journal (or watercolor paper), thin black permanent marker, scissors, glue. Shop my favorites here.

(most of the items can also be found at your local Michaels: arrange for a pick up)


"This is not about getting the answers, it's about knowing that everything you need is already inside you waiting to come out."


wednesdays 7pm ct, begins may 6th


the muse within

online experience with Colleen. 

wednesdsays, at 7ct beginning May, 6  

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