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For more than 15 years I have been teaching the wisdom of the ancient Vedic texts and their often-esoteric ideas and transforming them into usable lifestyle tools for living in today’s world.  Combining movement, breath, meditation adn art, I am excited to now bring these lessons to you whenever you want, where ever you are.


grow the right seeds.

follow your heART

Playing in the realm of creativity not only leads to courage, confidence, and inspiration, but it also allows us to look at the world differently. Join me and play with fluidity, spontaneity, creative expression, and intentional music, to create art that opens the heart and calms the mind. 

Written Lessons

Get bite-sized written lessons to contemplate, meditate and germinate. 

I have had the opportunity to write for some of Yoga's top websites including Mindbody Green and 

Elephant Journal 

plant the right seeds.

Online Courses with Colleen.

coming soon.
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