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Heart's Wisdom Text Messaging

The heart as a major organ must pump blood to and take care of its self-first, before it can pump blood to or take care of any other part of the body.  By following the heart’s wisdom and taking care of ourselves first, we can better take care of and serve those around us.


I’m looking for a few people to text with whereby from time to time I’ll share deliberate and self-initiated inspirations, tips and tools to keep you on your path of self-love. I’m going to be sending you special content to inspire you and to uplift you. And if you text me, I’ll do my best to text you back.


I spent my entire career giving people inspiring and empowering tools with just that intention. Take care of yourself so you are better able to take care of the people and world around you.  We know it is true. We know it is necessary. We know it is important. Stay tuned.

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