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movement + breath + meditation + art

Colleen Rose

journey toward inner balance, self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment.

Colleen is a third-generation meditation and yoga teacher and accomplished wellness entrepreneur, whose teachings emphasize intention-based living to create a journey toward inner balance, self-awareness, acceptance, and empowerment. She has been teaching for more than 15 years and has studied with world-renowned scholars including the Dali Lama and Deepak Chopra and has taught more than 6,000 hours of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.


Featured on many television programs, websites, and radio shows as well as newspapers and magazines, Colleen has a gift for teaching the wisdom of the ancient Vedic texts and their often-esoteric ideas and transforming them into usable lifestyle tools for living in today’s world. Her teaching distinctions include Meditation and Perfect Health Ayurvedic Certifications from Deepak Chopra’s Chopra Center in California, Yoga Teaching Certification from Inner Power Yoga of Colorado and a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from eCornell (a subsidiary of Cornell University).  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University and is the founder and Creative Visionary Partner of Yoga 360 and the creator of Yoga 360’s 200-hour Teacher Training, which has graduated over 75 teachers.


She’s a proud mom of two empowered daughters and lives in the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado with her husband.  Colleen loves to paint, hike, kayak and write.  Colleen is the founder of Conway Rose Natural Skincare. 


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