In the field of pure potentiality, grow just the right seeds.  

Together we will plant the seeds to inspire your day and empower your life.  

meditate + create + cultivate

Colleen Rose

"This life is a magical, mystical joy ride designed to awaken your true authentic self, which is filled with infinite possibilities, and to open you to the life you were born to lead.


Sharing the teachings is my greatest passion.  These tools have changed my life and I have seen the growth and evolution of others who implement them as well. When asked what I feel are my greatest gifts, I must say it is bringing these often esoteric teachings to

everyday people, every day." 

~Truth + Peace + Love,




courses + writings


in-person offerings


Colleen teaches from the heart and pours herself into each instructional (experience).  I am forever grateful and I am forever changed! 


Colleen’s passion, enthusiasm and how she connects with people is really inspiring.  


Colleen has led me through an experience of self-discovery, introducing me to the deepest and highest parts of my Self and helping me understand that those parts are always there.